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Rave Reviews!

Discover what people are saying about their incredible experiences!


"I used your services for a basic encapsulation with my first. The three biggest differences I noticed were increased milk production, increased energy, and elevated mood compared to when I didn't take the capsules. Thank you!!! I definitely wanted to be sure to encapsulate again!"


Danielle W.


"I called... just hours before my delivery as I decided to do encapsulation at the very last minute. They were able to work around my schedule and accommodate us. I'm very thankful for the quick response time and willingness to help. They definitely exceeded my expectations. Turn around time was much faster than I expected as well. Thank you!"





"After the birth of my first son, I suffered from postpartum depression. It severely hindered my early bonding with my son, and caused many other physical and emotional issues. When I heard of Placenta Encapsulations through a family member, and the benefits of this, I immediately contacted Columbus Placenta Encapsulation. Not only were they professional and quick, but kind and compassionate. I cannot explain what the service did for me. I felt such a difference taking these capsules after the birth of my second son. I believe this is what we were meant to do. I cannot thank them enough for doing what they do!"




"I'm so glad I made the decision to do this. My mood is better, I feel focused, and even my milk supply is a bit better than my last baby."


Martina P.


"The website was a great introduction to their services. Very thoroughly contained all the info I needed to make my decision and to secure her services. Communication was prompt and professional at all times when booking services and afterward through delivery of capsules. Overall I am very pleased with the encapsulation services, and while I'm just getting started taking the capsules, I do feel they are making a difference for me already. I can confidently recommend Columbus Placenta Encapsulation for placenta encapsulation."


Women smiling holding her baby

"We used placenta encapsulation with Baby #2 after a difficult bout with postpartum depression following Baby #1 (which we battled with help from our family doctor). From a Daddy-perspective, the difference between these alternatives was night and day. The placenta pills resulted in a noticeably smoother transition than I saw from the prescribed medication, and we had not an ounce of concern for what was passing to our baby. Thank you for your help both during labor and after!"


Dave D.


"The capsules were amazing. Thank you so much! They helped a lot with the hormones and keeping the PPD away, I still take one every few days to help my milk supply. I couldn't have been happier with them."


Hope H.


Woman kissing her sleeping baby


"Just wanted to thank you again for encapsulating my placenta! I skipped a day this week because for some reason I kept forgetting to get to the fridge to take my capsules. Ugh, not doing that again. I was exhausted, had a headache from being drained, and just hated the way I felt.
I started up again as soon as I realized what I did wrong and am feeling much better now. I'm another convinced momma!"


Bianca FS.



" very helpful and amazing! We received the capsules and our keepsake very quickly. Couldn't be more pleased! Thank you so much, for all that you do!"


Couldn't be more pleased


"When I started taking my capsules, it removed my panic and gave me a sense of peace and well-being so I could rest and bond with my new baby." 


Ann T.


Same-sex couple cuddling their baby

"Having experienced PPD after my first child was born, when I became pregnant with my second baby I wanted to avoid medication and decided to try placenta encapsulation. My experience was very positive; from the handling of the placenta to explaining the benefits and how to take the capsules and ultimately, feeling better emotionally after baby arrived. Placenta encapsulation wasn't something I knew a lot about prior to this experience, but I am now a huge proponent of women trying this method of handling PPD."

Carrie D.

Experienced Parent's View



"I had not heard of placenta encapsulation before my first child, so I did not have it done. While not having it diagnosed, I am confident I had some postpartum depression. My daughter and I hardly left my bedroom at all for the first three weeks because I just didn't have the motivation, desire or energy. When I became pregnant with my second child I was terrified knowing how I felt after my first, I didn't know how I would handle a toddler and a newborn. A friend recommended placenta encapsulation. Admittedly, I thought it sounded a little strange, but I was desperate. I worked with Columbus Placenta Encapsulation for the first time and they explained everything...benefits, the process, etc.. After going through it, it was a night and day difference between my first and second postpartum experience. My husband was shocked to find me in the kitchen baking cookies with both kiddos two days after returning home from the hospital. I felt like a whole, loving and protective mother. It was AMAZING! Needless to say when I found out I was pregnant with my third child Rachel was one of the first calls I made! Once a skeptic, I am now a firm believer in this practice and would highly recommend it to any soon-to-be moms out there!"



Night & Day difference

Just Amazing

"I just wanted to send a quick thank you for your services back in November. I cannot say enough about my experience with your professionalism, kindness, and going out of your way during the holiday week. The placenta capsules are just amazing... I call them my magic pills :) The only time I am sad is when I think of them running out."


Meagan R.

Man and woman smiling at baby
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