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PRICING & Services

standard service


• your fully prepared capsules

• your choice of preparation method

• full-color instruction booklet

• umbilical cord keepsake

• digital photo of your placenta (optional)

• placenta pick up and capsule delivery * 

​*If you live outside of Franklin County, we meet your support person in Columbus for pickup and then ship your capsules for an extra $15 shipping fee.

Preparation methods

Traditional Preparation

We gently wash, then steam the placenta over lemons, ginger, and peppers. The steamed placenta is then dehydrated, ground, and put into capsules.

The traditional placenta preparation process is inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It is a TCM belief that a body is cold after giving birth, and needs to be warmed. In order to "warm" the birth parent's system, the placenta should be steamed before dehydration. 

Jar w/capsules spilling onto table

This method is the most popular selection.

We will choose this process if no preference is indicated.

Raw-Start Preparation

We skip the steaming, but we dehydrate the placenta at 160F, following safe food standards. The dehydrated placenta is then ground into powder and placed into capsules. 

Some people believe raw foods have more potency and life force available than cooked foods. (Please note, the raw method is not believed to be warming to the system and may feel more activating.) 

Raw-start preparation is unavailable

during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Additional options

Flavored Capsules


Flavored gelatin capsules

grape 🍇

mint 🌱

orange 🍊

bubblegum 🍬

strawberry 🍓


rainbow 🌈

Flavored capsules contain artificial colors and flavors.

colored flavored capsules



An infusion of placenta in high-proof alcohol, a placenta tincture extends the benefits of your placenta after your capsules are gone.

tincture bottle

Natural placenta

art print


Using archival quality watercolor paper, a print of your placenta is made, using the placental blood. A unique keepsake for framing or storing.

placenta art print

Placenta Broth


A jar of nourishing broth made from steaming your placenta during traditional preparation.
The broth can be added soups and smoothies.

glass jar of broth
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